You Can Dance!

"I cannot dance."

Well, that’s not true! You can dance!

Yes, perhaps you cannot dance waltz or bachata, or belly dance or contemp. Not knowing how to dance a specific dance doesn’t mean you cannot dance. If you can move, it means you can dance.

Throw away this limited idea of what dance is. It’s not only something that looks beautiful, you make certain steps, do certain movements, people look with admiration and applaud you.

Turn on your favourite music and allow your body to move in whatever way it moves. If you feel awkward or shy, allow those feelings – they are part of the process. Don’t try to make it beautiful and perfect. That’s not the point. The point is to bring back that freedom, that aliveness, that childlike joy. Don’t rob yourself off that.

Dance is a healing and empowering practice – you are shaking up your whole body and your nervous system, releasing stress and welcoming the physical and psychological relaxation. That feels amazing!

When you dance you bring more blood flow, more oxygen to every muscle, tissue and organ – stirring up the aliveness in your body, delivering more nutrients to every cell.

Remember that dance is a rhythm of life and it’s beyond the beat – that’s why you cannot get it wrong!

It’s not the polished steps and intricate movement that makes dance beautiful. What catches the eye is your enjoyment of your movement, you having fun dancing, you having the courage to take up space, being free, playful and expressing yourself through dance. That’s your vibe that matters and you’ve got it!

Join one of our in-person Femme! experiences and prove yourself wrong.

"You can dance!"

Express your emotions through movement when you cannot find words to describe how you feel.
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