Why Femme!
Say it out loud.
This word.
Notice the sound of it.
Notice how it makes you feel to pronounce it.
When I say this word, I notice an interesting mix of things. At the beginning the sound as if promises to be soft and sweet and then abruptly takes on a powerful note.
When I say it, I feel a wave of pleasure rising from my lower belly, flowing up through my body, picking up momentum and breaking powerfully all over my chest.
I feel seductive.
I feel powerful.
I feel Femme!
In Femme! experience we dance, we move. We express emotions through movement. We loosen the tension, shake up the constriction, warm up the numbness – we work with all the ‘knots’ that got locked into the body as a result of unexpressed emotions.
When emotions are bottled up inside, they start to change people. The one who was open and friendly, closes up in distrust. The one who was bubbly and vivacious, is toned down and dimmed. The one who was bold and full of themselves is now taking less space and feels weird. When not expressed, emotions do change people.
When you dance to the beat of the drum, when you express emotions through movement, when you let it all out – it helps to make that emotional baggage lighter. It helps to clear off the emotional debris of situations and experiences you’ve gone through in life. And when that is done regularly, over time you become yourself again. You rebirth your authentic, free and real Self. This gives joy, confidence and zest for life.
That’s why this dance class is called Femme!
It’s a rebirth.
And it’s not just a class but a full-on experience because expressing emotions and rebirthing yourself is a ‘hell’ of an experience.
Join the next Femme! experience that happens on:
Dec 17, 2022 @ 3 P.M.
Button Factory Arts 25 Regina St S, Waterloo, ON N2J 1R8
It’s time to do something wild!
Express your emotions through movement when you cannot find words to describe how you feel.
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