To the hell with the beat, the steps, perfected movement. No need to do your best to look good and impress somebody.
Do you know what really matters in Femme! class?
It’s your enjoyment of being able to move.
It’s you having an open mind - ready to try something you haven’t done before.
It’s being ok with feeling and looking awkward.
All the rest really doesn’t matter.
This class is a variation of ‘Me time’. 90 mins of spending time with yourself while being in the company of other people.
Once the class begins both your body and nervous system are getting warmed up and primed for the expression of your unique story. Ever so gently you are invited to open up the treasure box of your emotions that was hidden after certain situations and experiences. Without saying a word you are expressing a ton through your unique movement. The wave of an arm, the stomp of the foot, the curve of the back, the stretching of the chest. There’s perfection in your movement – because it’s yours, it’s innermost.
It’s unique and therefore it’s beautiful.
For me there’s nothing more beautiful than a person sharing their unique internal dance. Every participant in class is dancing their unique story at the same time as you are dancing yours.
Nobody is looking at you.
woman dancing at femme emotional institute in Canada
You are not observed and yet you are witnessed in these simultaneous expressive dances. And when you’ve witnessed your true emotions, you generate the courage to show your real emotions in your life. It is utterly important to communicate your emotions through words to another. At times it’s excruciatingly hard to do.
What can make it a bit easier for you is to take a moment, tune into what’s challenging and express your emotions through movement only. No words, no dialogue, no explanations or excuses – just the pure emotion in motion. You are working out your muscle of expressing emotions – first through movement, afterwards through words. Movement and dance take off the charge from the emotion, make it less heated. And when it’s time to have a conversation with another, you’re not lashing out or breaking out in tears, hijacking the conversation and adding more fuel to the emotional turmoil inside you.
Movement, movement, movement.
I cannot emphasize it enough!
Clench your fists, shake your body, punch, kick, scream. Imagine what a tremendous release can happen through all of that! As a result of this emotional purge you prevent the emotion from getting stuck in your body and causing physical and psychological issues over time. And imagine yourself having a conversation with another person about something that bothers you, frustrates you, irritates you - and you feel calm, grounded, confident, ready to really listen to what another has to say.
Can you imagine how many hurt hearts would be avoided then? How many nasty words would be unspoken? How many silence treatments and cold glances wouldn’t be given? And all you have to do to avoid that is to move, shake, wiggle your body and to express your emotions through movement.
Isn’t it worth it?
Come and join us for the next Femme! experience, dance your unique internal story, and practice expressing your emotions in a way that creates more connection, understanding, trust, and intimacy.
Express your emotions through movement when you cannot find words to describe how you feel.
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