The First Sound You’ve Ever Heard

No recorded music, no songs with lyrics in my 90-min Femme! class.
I have nothing against that music. I do love it.
However, it doesn’t suit the purpose of my class very well.
The purpose of the class is to get in touch with your emotions. The lyrics in the song take you into a story. That story might be very similar to yours and yet it’s not your story. The best facilitator in discovering and telling your unique story is a live drum. Djembe drum, conga drum, hang drum, shamanic drum. All are perfect!
It’s said to be the oldest known instrument in the world. From the shamans of Mongolia to the Minianka healers of West Africa drumming has been used for thousands of years to create and maintain physical, mental and spiritual health. The beats of the drum lull your nervous system, they gently open your heart and cradle, soothe the feelings that you have inside. The intense rumble of the drum shakes up what got silenced and stuffy, liberates you from inhibitions and unleashes your unique internal dance. The bubbling sounds of the drum unlock the flirtatious vibes and you have the courage to be you. It takes you back to a deep internal place within you.
I cherish this moment in class when the drummer is slowing down the tempo, the beat becomes rhythmical, and monotonous.
Tap,tap- pause – tap, tap – pause.
This steady beat is taking you to your first days of being alive. It’s taking you to the very first sound you’ve ever heard – mother’s heartbeat…
Tap,tap- pause – tap, tap – pause.
The whole world stops. There’s only you and your heart beat –
The first sound you’ve ever heard…
The drum possesses this tremendous power - it perfectly replicates that very first sound – your mother’s heartbeat. It can heal your grief, release your anger and bring out your confidence. The healing power of the drum…
Express your emotions through movement when you cannot find words to describe how you feel.
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