Thank You Bernadette!
It’s December 9th, 2022 now.
I’m writing this article for my blog.
And I feel immensely grateful to myself – the courageous me – who sent this email to Bernadette Pleasant, the creator of Femme! experience, back in 2020, on February 13:
It was right after dancing to the beat of the live drum and Bernadette’s guidance.
I felt exuberant, energized, bold and vivacious.
I knew it in my bones that I had to learn this work.
I wanted to teach it.
And I did!
The online training took place in May, 2021.
Bernadette Pleasant

‘An entrepreneur, author, thought leader and unstoppable badass committed to helping you discover your Primal and Higher Self.’

She is a force of nature.
A Goddess of temptation.
A wellspring of live force energy.
She is a Teacher with whom my path has crossed and I am infinitely grateful for the chance to learn from Her.
Yes, that’s true! She helped me to empower my Primal Self and bring it to light. She taught me how to listen to my Higher Soul. She taught me how to be in touch with the wisdom of my body and to show up from that place both in class and in life.
Bernadette is an exceptional Teacher. That kind of Teacher who holds quality and depth above the quantity and numbers. A Teacher who stays in touch and gives advice long after the training is over. A Teacher who turns a student into a Teacher!
The words she told me after I did my demo class for graduation -
‘You are awesome.
You are doing great.
You take up space.
You live your purpose.
You conquer the world.’
These words stay with me until today. They cheer me on in times when I doubt myself, in times when it’s not working, when I’m shivering-nervous before a class and on days when I feel miserable.
There’s so much more to say, so much more gratitude to express!
I’ll continue to express it in my work – through bringing Femme! experience to the community I live in. Coming into a circle together with people, dancing our hearts out to the beat of the drum – being childlike, being free. Being everything each one of us wants to be!
Hell Yeah!
Thank you Bernadette!
Express your emotions through movement when you cannot find words to describe how you feel.
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